Do you like Ketchup?

Do you like Ketchup?

Do You Like Ketchup

Ketchup Doritos

Do you like ketchup? Do you like Doritos? Then you’re going to love Ketchup Doritos! They are the best of both worlds. Ketchup Doritos are a new flavor of Doritos that has been released by PepsiCo. They are made with red tomatoes and spices, giving them a ketchup-like flavor. If you’re looking for a snack that is both fun and tasty, be sure to give Ketchup Doritos a try.

Lay’s Ketchup-Flavored Potato Chips

When I first took a bite of this chip, the ketchup flavor almost completely covered up any potato-ness left behind. What is left are crunchy surfaces with some tanginess that reminds me more like vinegar and salt chips than tomatoes—but still tasty! The color of these Lays Ketchup flavor chips is interesting. It’s not the red you would expect, but more a purplish beet tone that makes me want to guess “ketchup.” This intriguing taste has definitely earned its place in my bag for when friends stop over unexpectedly or need something quick to snack on while watching TV at nighttime.

Cheetos Leaves Ketchup Flavored Snack

When it comes to Canadian snacks, there is no better option than the uniquely shaped Cheetos Ketchup flavored snack. Instead of offering classic cheesy flavor as seen in most other foods that are similar to them on shelves across America – this time around they’re ditching their famous yellow Cheese Things slogan for something new and fun: “A Snack With A Kick!”

This sudden change may seem surprising at first glance but when you think about how Canadians love both kinds (or any kind) of cheesiness while also being big ketchup fans; then Logic takes over! The result? An amazing hybrid food product perfect enough reasons why many Americans have never heard about these incredible discoveries before now

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