Japanese Kit Kat Kraze

Japanese Kit Kat Kraze

Japanese Kit Kat Kraze

Japanese Kit Kat flavors are known to have a wide variety of unique and delicious tastes. In 2004, the green tea variant was introduced as part of Japanese culture in Japan; since then they’ve been sold across more than 300 different varieties making it both exciting for those who love eating these sweet treats but also represents that there’s always something new available! Most cities only see their variation of this type during special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s Eve when families want an extra treat at home before starting another day full-force (or just because).

Why the obsession?

Kit Kat has a special meaning in Japan. It’s called kitto kattsu, which means “you will surely win.” This phrase is often given as good luck before university exams and students give them out at exam time to ensure success! The Nestle company capitalized on this tradition when they created their KitKats, now people all over the world enjoy eating these delicious chocolates while celebrating after achievement.

Kit Kat Suggestions


(Purple sweet potato) – I never would have guessed it in a blind taste test, but if I closed my eyes and really concentrated on the flavor of this foodstuff. Surprisingly good, we like them quite well!

Hokkaido Melon

The first time I tried a Hokkaido Melon, it was in Japan, and it was a bit weird but surprisingly good! The melon flavor in the Kit Kat is surprisingly good, but I can’t help feeling like it’s been done before. The chocolate tastes fresh and fruity with just enough sweetness to make you want another bite!

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