Carabao Energy Drink, The Alt Bull!

Carabao Energy Drink, The Alt Bull!


Of all the fighting spirit-inspired drinks on this planet, it’s hard to beat Carabao. The slogan says it all: “The Fighting Spirit of Carabo!” The rock musician behind the drink, Aed Carabao created his own energy beverage in honor of Thailand’s most famous animal, the water buffalo. His inspiration for this project came from being abroad where he saw people drinking boring tap water with no flavor or spice whatsoever! So now you can enjoy some guitars riffs and vocals alongside your morning cup o’ joe at home while knowing there are no toxins involved either because they don’t use chemicals just natural herbs which help bring out its rich taste without containing any sweetness so it won’t make us feel jittery like other drinks do but still give fullness throughout our bodies.


The color of this energy drink can be off-putting to some, and there’s no carbonation or sweetness to distract from what feels like an underlying sourness in each sip (and who can forget that aftertaste?).

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The Thai energy drink Carabao has been on a mission to make their countrymen happier for years now, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. In 2015 the company started sponsorship with Reading F.C., then inevitably went international by sponsoring Chelsea Premier League club later that same year (and currently owning them). And yes – you guessed it- there’s also an English cup tournament named after this popular brand!

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