Meet The Man Who Has Created 400 Flavors of Kit Kat

Meet The Man Who Has Created 400 Flavors of Kit Kat

400 Flavors of Kit Kat

Kit Kat Japan has been churning out some 400 different flavors of Kit Kats for years now, and they recently offered a tour through the country’s most famous factory – where pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi is responsible. He created many special edition packages over time including Santa Claus’ nose bleed Kit Kats which sold out quickly at one point during the Christmas season!


The Kit Kat, with its generous layer of chocolate and sweet custard filling, has been one the most iconic snacks in Japan for over 40 years. Since their inception back when they first opened up shop to export these delicious treats across borders as well other countries have come a long way since then bringing new flavors like wasabi mayo or brewed coffee that’ll make your taste buds go wild!


Kit Cats in different regions of Japan have their own special flavors, like the popular melon flavor for instance — it’s hard to find anywhere else! Next Chef Takagi tells us about how he created new bases by switching out milk chocolate as well; one was passion fruit which became an instant hit among customers everywhere…

In the end, Takeuchi wraps up her video by describing how Kit Kat has taken on cultural significance in Japan. Students often give each other this treat as a way of wishing luck on exams- “Kit kat” sounds like “Kittokatsu” which loosely translates to ‘you’re bound win’.

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