Milkita Strawberry Milkshake Candy Review

Milkita Strawberry Milkshake Candy Review

Creamy, with a subtle strawberry flavor

These Milkita candies are actually pretty amazing. They’re creamy, and have a nice subtle strawberry flavor – but they aren’t exactly hard candy! These soft chewy confections taste just like you’d expect them to, with one major exception: I thought this was going to be an annoying texture for my mouth after a while of chewing on it, turns out all those other sweets were wrong!

When you take these out of the package, they don’t have a very strong aroma. I would say that it is more on par with what one might expect from Yankee candle knock-offs; there’s nothing wrong in its scent but also nothing overly impressive either – just your average sweet strawberry flavor as advertised!

When I chewed this candy I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it felt in my mouth. The texture isn’t too sticky or tough to chew through, which is great because you don’t want anything that will make eating these candies unpleasant!

Milkita candy is produced in Indonesia and has been loved by people for years. Milkita is the number one brand of candies in Indonesia, made by the confectionary company Unican. Milkita uses Real Milk to create these delicious, low-sugar candies.

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